Nene My Love

My Love is gone
My angst for her presence once again

In tears

In shattered dreams
Videos of a grand life together
In music and common friends

In family and wonderment of angelic deeds

In sheer desperation
Of where I go to from here

Still feeling alone

A Real Hero a PCA (An Ode for Nerine)

She shined
Beacon to the world

Of unrecognised stars
Of real angels
Of deserved Sainthoods

Her generosity unchallenged
A love for the aged

Forever giving time
To others in their twilight


At funerals
At bedsides
At desperate times

Perhaps just reading a book or a poem
The rare letter

The unpaid overtime

But never taking

Forever insisting she was owed nothing

That’s a PCA
That’s Nerine an Angel now in heaven

Nerines Place

You are there now my sweet thing
For everyone to see
Beside your beautiful lake
The dolphins, roses and that tree
A place for us to talk
And meet often beneath the warming sun
Where you will lay a while sweet girl
Waiting for me to come

A Tribute to My Wife Nerine (17-11-54 – 12-09-08)

I do not need to use the love word to pay a tribute
I do not need to rhyme words

I only need to remember her
For everything she was
For every valuable day we shared
The oft times we hugged and laughed
Cried and smiled and told stories

The way we regaled our dreams over a wine or two
A nice meal together planning our future
Preparing for our old age still totally besotted
With our desire to be together until the end

The love for our children and families
The definite bridges we were building
She did all of that
She pulled us all together it was her way

She galvanised everyone
Made them believers in moving forward
Being friends and simply caring

In her life on earth I missed her daily
I missed awfully her company whilst she lived
Now she has gone forever

My missing her is breaking my heart

Mandy and Nerine

Big blue eyes
Outshine her badge
But never her heart

Her smile is never wasted Nerine once said
She is a flower

She is the apple of my eye
That kid

Nerine will miss you
My beautiful daughter in law

The crying will be forever
For her
Her love for you was immeasurable

In life

It will be in death

To My Beautiful Wife Nerine (17/11/54 – 12/09/08)

All my memories
Are of you my darling girl
And will forever be

I am wretched
I am broken
My tears are filling rivers

We found the colours for our masterpiece
We painted it
We found the words for our novel
We wrote it
We found the scenes for our “Gone with the Wind”
We lived it

And the greatest thing we ever did


We found each other
We lived our dreams

To My Dearest Wife Nerine (17/11/54 – 12/09/08)

Do not tell me that death is due
Do not tell me anything right now
For I am incapable of thought

There is nothing special about her death
Only her life
A beautiful life
A beautiful wife
And I am gutted to the very core


My greatest love and best friend is gone
Forever it seems

There are no Gods in my world
There are no heavens
My beautiful wife and I were already there
On earth
Amongst friends and family and with love

Death is not a fine thing
I acknowledge it not now or ever

But it has dealt me the worst of blows
And taken my Angel

My Special Girl

I rubbed my eyes, looked up and smiled
As you packed my drink with ice
I thought
How nice you should
So typical that you would
On such a hot summers day in such a hot place
Be so good
As to worry only about me
But that’s you, a beautiful woman
To you all others matter
And you are pushed back for reasons unknown
Only to yourself my love
And that’s what makes you special

For Nerine Part 1v

And your love is raining upon me
A deluge of soft drops and warm trickles to my breast
An amazing way to drown, in love
Throngs of wet passion my dearest woman
If they ever thought age would weary our love
Then they came down in the wrong shower
For in our own beautiful deluge we are swept away

For Nerine part 3

Your love is worth,
All the room on this earth,
Your love is worth,
The earth.

Your kindness is worth,
Everything in this world,
Your kindness is worth,
The world.

Your marriage is worth,
More than the universe above
Your marriage is worth,
All of my love.