My Tokoroa Girl

You were my rainbow you shared every colour
Every dream every heartache every high
A pot of gold in my heart you made me fly
I loved you till the end
I give you all my love still my girl
I know you continue to smile
For me
Talk to me forever girl and lean on me
We are but a moment from rekindling our love
Your place in my heart is secure

Nerine My Love (My true Valentine)

I’ll never forget your amazing strength
Your love at the drop of a hat
Your shoulder always ready to take my tears
And always the tears of others so freely

With the spirit of love and joy
Your encouragement to take on the world
Your motivation for the less fortunate

You endeared the hopeless
You saved me

Those who did not love did not meet you
Those who loved you

Told all
They had just met an angel

And now
You are the most missed person in my world
Your friends are crying still

I talk to you my love and of you to all who will listen
They too remember your angelic qualities

I am not the angel you were and god has no great need for me
As he did for you

I am ready my sweet girl whenever you call
That we can be together again

My Nerine

Through the window
I see leaves falling
Ever so slowly to the ground

I Ponder a life lived
Or a life half lived

All I can think of is her
And the life she should have lived
The part of life she lost

Every leaf is like an angel coming down
I just wonder which one is her

Which one should I catch in my palm?

Which one lord which one

My Angel Nerine (Tribute to Nerine a 3rd Anniversary memory)

I am right beside you baby
Still loving everything we did
Still loving you
Bragging to the world your worth
Your amazing humanity

As if I needed to tell anyone

I’ve contemplated joining you
I thought all for me was taken when you left
You were my world
You saved a man that needed saving
You gave me family again
You gave me wonderment and joy

You gave me New Zealand and love

My family knew I had struck gold
A win beyond imagination
When you walked in
And took the hearts of all

As angels do

I gave up the idea of suicide to be with you
Your power of love and sharing
Your deepest caring
Makes me want to finish your work


Whilst I miss your warm and tender embrace
So much and so often
I will uphold your love to do good work for others

And never think about myself

Barb’s Dream (A tribute for Nerine)

There you were
A beautiful smile as usual
Above my robe oft
I dared not say a word

So beautiful my little Sis to see you again
Who would ever believe?
Only a poet perhaps
A man of love so deep for an angel lost

I told your prince you called with your bro
He knew it was only words
And a vision of dreams

He loves us both and sails in our sadness
As you drag our hearts
Into unchartered spiritual places

We loved you on earth
We will love you in the next place

Forever our angel

My Nene (My Greatest Love)

My greatest love has gone
Why I do not know
My heart just breaks more every day
For Nene and God’s huge mistake

I am not handling my new life well
Waking each day in a daydream
Still ridiculously in love
Seeing her face in every waking moment
Waiting for that kiss

Every morning was such a joy
Just to wake up with my angel
My Nene
Never wanting to leave her side
In life we parted each and every day madly in love
And came back

Yet in death we shall do neither

Carrying Roses (For Nerine)

They are blooming now my love

I will carry them to your place
With pride and love
I will carry them forever

Your favourite roses
In my hand to your plaque
To your special place by the lake

On every anniversary
On everyday in-between
On every opportunity

To express my love

Our Special Girl (For Nerine)

We’re all here?
At your party
The bar is open
For as long as you like

The BBQ’s on kid

Everyone’s talkin! Bout you
They’re talking love and caring
They’re talking peace and sharing

Describing an angel
A missing angel on earth

Many of us are still broken
The phone rings oft for you
So wide was your love spread

You are unforgotten
Loved forever

Our special girl