A Real Hero a PCA (An Ode for Nerine)

She shined
Beacon to the world

Of unrecognised stars
Of real angels
Of deserved Sainthoods

Her generosity unchallenged
A love for the aged

Forever giving time
To others in their twilight


At funerals
At bedsides
At desperate times

Perhaps just reading a book or a poem
The rare letter

The unpaid overtime

But never taking

Forever insisting she was owed nothing

That’s a PCA
That’s Nerine an Angel now in heaven

One thought on “A Real Hero a PCA (An Ode for Nerine)

  1. hell.o paul. are u of gozitan origin. i think i am your cousin. do u have a brother called philip.n my mother comes from nadur gozo . her mother was mary and father tony. do u fit in these. i have also a lot of relatives in australia. lucy, paul, sam, charlie. i think i met your brother philip.

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