To My Dearest Wife Nerine (17/11/54 – 12/09/08)

Do not tell me that death is due
Do not tell me anything right now
For I am incapable of thought

There is nothing special about her death
Only her life
A beautiful life
A beautiful wife
And I am gutted to the very core


My greatest love and best friend is gone
Forever it seems

There are no Gods in my world
There are no heavens
My beautiful wife and I were already there
On earth
Amongst friends and family and with love

Death is not a fine thing
I acknowledge it not now or ever

But it has dealt me the worst of blows
And taken my Angel

4 thoughts on “To My Dearest Wife Nerine (17/11/54 – 12/09/08)

  1. Nerine,
    A kind and gentle lady,
    Extremely caring
    Will be sadly missed by all
    A Warm Heart and smile
    Beautiful to the end
    Forever Young
    Rest in Peace

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