A Tribute to My Wife Nerine (17-11-54 – 12-09-08)

I do not need to use the love word to pay a tribute
I do not need to rhyme words

I only need to remember her
For everything she was
For every valuable day we shared
The oft times we hugged and laughed
Cried and smiled and told stories

The way we regaled our dreams over a wine or two
A nice meal together planning our future
Preparing for our old age still totally besotted
With our desire to be together until the end

The love for our children and families
The definite bridges we were building
She did all of that
She pulled us all together it was her way

She galvanised everyone
Made them believers in moving forward
Being friends and simply caring

In her life on earth I missed her daily
I missed awfully her company whilst she lived
Now she has gone forever

My missing her is breaking my heart

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to My Wife Nerine (17-11-54 – 12-09-08)

  1. Paul, Your poem for Nerine is as beautiful as I have ever read. I wish I could put words together half as eloquently as you can. Love and best wishes…Sarah

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