Some dude approached
Drunk and belligerent
Representative of our government’s ability
To control law and order

He was nice enough I thought
Until he pulled the knife
Only need a few bucks he mumbled
Don’t really want to cut you man

Your knife is plastic I said
Do you have the fork that goes with it?
You’re a smartarse he said
Waving a flash of white serrations before my eyes

Take it easy buddy I said
How much would you like?
Twenty, fifty maybe, will that do
Can I write you a cheque?

Do you know John Brumby he said?
He’s a mate of mine
Lets me do anything on these streets
Be careful dude or I will blade you

Sorry mate I said never knew Brumby was your mate
Now I am really scared
That’s a lot of back up pal
Will a hundred help, two hundred maybe

Second thoughts mate
Take what you like
When the state backs you up
You have every right to accost me