Blackmans Genocide

Your white love is killing me
Assimilation is for others
Not me
I’m black and born here
I’m Australian

You are the intruder
The one who should assimilate
Your words
Just ask a Muslim

Have you forgotten bout me fella’
Will you ever celebrate me?
Your earliest neighbour
The first and only true Australian

Remember when I earned your sugar and flour
For a weeks work on my own land
Stolen by you
You would still have me do that
Would you not this day

Remember the chains around my ankle
Heavy chains around my neck
You bastards
The murderous ways of your evil white past
The death of us black pests

There is no moving forward for me
Sorry means nothing
Whilst I am still second class
In my own country

My dreaming place

You stole my children
You stole my land
I’m not going to get over it

Never will I bow to white fella’s
Never will I forgive your evil racism
Never will I allow myself to capitulate

To legal genocide

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