Black Murder

They stripped you of your blackness
Those men.. so called
Protected by white laws
They made labour gains of your sweat

Whilst you worked their fields
They raped and sodomised your women
White bastards all of them
Protected by British sovereignty

You fought the good fight
Guns at your head

White man hunting and playing
A game for bored soldiers ne’er at war

Those men…so called
Were never men at all
To the highest order
Murderers one and all


Life makes no apology for the lost
For the murdered
For the black lives wasted on fox hunts

Sorry has a bloody long way to go
For the dead fathers
The raped mothers
The forgotten slaved and abused children

Of aboriginal Australians
Back then

One thought on “Black Murder

  1. please would you allow my daughter to recite your words in front of her class to expess her point of view through your words about yesterdays crimes on the black community

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