Truth is a disguise for an opinion
And an inability to give it

Let’s all say something to please
The listener

To save us when our courage has gone

Truth is the perfect disguise to my hatred of it
When I really wish to speak my mind


We’ll go another fifty miles lads
So the traps see no smoke
On the cooking fire

And we’ll shoot rabbits out of earshot

Bedding is dry tonight the rain looks far
A chance to sit awhile
And wash

Set the horses away to graze
As if running free

A big day beckons in fear tomorrow
Of those hunting rewards

Grab your horse and mount early my boys
We are bushrangers

We are the hunted we are playing only with time

Guessing our obituaries

Such is Life

All is not well Ned
Murder my son is roads end
For you
Work hard and guide thy family
Was a chance
A second chance
A third chance


A shortcut to death

Police knew your style
You chose the hunt

And the foxes waited
All empowered

Oh! Ned
You foolish bastard

What Thanks Does a Cop get (Dedicated to my Boy)

Its twenty years on his beat
Risking everything
Upholding something
For what

A point perhaps
A point a judge keeps missing
Is it me the walloper?
Gone mad

Thinking my job was to nab you

Its not that you’re guilty
Its not that you’re caught red handed

It’s about if you are okay
You poor bastard

What can the beak do to help?
How can the law shelter you from the cops?


We just arrest you
The judge does the rest

At last you’re safe

I’ve done twenty years
A life sentence for nothing


One day I must stop you from dragging me down
You are so controlling
Others whisper your deceit to me
I am rooted in confusion

For this thing called love
It’s really company I seek

I have no sense of humour anymore
No money
No future
My compassion for you is too generous

I am feathering your nest
Whilst mine dwindles

You lay your heart in a mirror
Fail to see a man in need
You fail to see a user

How do I break this shackle?
Wish I knew

It all comes with heartache

You are treating me with contempt
But worst of all
I pay you to abuse my kindness

That’s why I am drowning

My Greenest Poem a Blue life

I awake today a great start
The air is breathable
Keeping me alive
A pleasant surprise for greenies I guess
An ocean still laps the sandy shore
On exactly the same line
One hundred metres from a lawn area
Where I have walked for nigh on sixty years
Where I played as a little boy

Fifty five years ago and more

The sky it hasn’t fallen yet
And the ice caps are there
Varying now and then depending on daily climate

The sky is still blue still grey the moon still shines at night
In concert with a daily sun
And trees are in abundance
There are insects’ birds and animals
Everywhere I look but they move around

The world is not to be saved
It is to be continued
Climate change is a daily thing

The only thing that has changed is the mood by do gooders
The will to destroy our lives
A powerful force to make us green

And the saddest thing is
It’s a political will not a populous will

Trees have been cut down for centuries
But now we plant one for one
And many for one
Animals and birds move away from cities, that’s ok
They find new lives
Change is in the wind
And change itself will be green

Only the strong ever survive

We know what we have to do to save the world
We only have to live and die
Politicians have to justify

The Importance of Life

Life is your chance to speak
Your only chance to be heard
Unlike death where your voice has no power

And when life empowers you
Chances are slim that you will impress many
In quiet

In life speak loud speak often
Get it wrong or right it matters not
But leave your mark forever

Grasp the importance of life


Who he said is there
There I said is he?
He said who?
I said it’s not who you seek it’s he
He said you and I is that who
Look again and he
Is there
Neither he nor I

So who is there?

The Red Square (The finale)

The Red square sits coldly all alone
There is no one in the chair
Stocks of wonderful home brew gone
No meetings no one there

A small TV remains memorial
No longer tuned to the news
The day’s events that would please Trev
And sometimes cause the blues

The diary entries have stopped now
He no longer turns the page
To enter those who have privileged
Special times upon his stage

The bar fridge is still waiting
Sitting silent on the floor
Waiting for someone friend or family
To re-open the party door

The more you think about the Red Square
The more it was Trev in his time
And it was the saddest bloody day of our lives
When we lost him in his prime


I’ll do it on buildings fences and trains
I’ll do it in sunshine and when it rains
I’ll do it naked and do it dressed
I’ll do it anytime that I feel stressed
I’ll do it on balconies rooftops and cars
I’ll do it on a motorbike or do it in bars
I’ll do it in Australia I’ll do it overseas
I’ll do it anywhere I’ll do as I please
I’ll never ever plank on my own
When I need a cameraman to show you I’m prone