I’ll do it on buildings fences and trains
I’ll do it in sunshine and when it rains
I’ll do it naked and do it dressed
I’ll do it anytime that I feel stressed
I’ll do it on balconies rooftops and cars
I’ll do it on a motorbike or do it in bars
I’ll do it in Australia I’ll do it overseas
I’ll do it anywhere I’ll do as I please
I’ll never ever plank on my own
When I need a cameraman to show you I’m prone

One thought on “Planking

  1. Mr. Buttigieg –

    I am a student at Western Washington University in the U.S. and I’m making a comedic documentary on the pastime of planking as an assignment for my instructional technology course. I happened across your wonderful poem while researching planking, and I was wondering if you would be willing to allow me to recite your poem in my video, since the assignment requires a piece of art or poetry to be featured. I will probably be posting the video on Youtube, and would of course make sure to reference you appropriately.


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