My Greenest Poem a Blue life

I awake today a great start
The air is breathable
Keeping me alive
A pleasant surprise for greenies I guess
An ocean still laps the sandy shore
On exactly the same line
One hundred metres from a lawn area
Where I have walked for nigh on sixty years
Where I played as a little boy

Fifty five years ago and more

The sky it hasn’t fallen yet
And the ice caps are there
Varying now and then depending on daily climate

The sky is still blue still grey the moon still shines at night
In concert with a daily sun
And trees are in abundance
There are insects’ birds and animals
Everywhere I look but they move around

The world is not to be saved
It is to be continued
Climate change is a daily thing

The only thing that has changed is the mood by do gooders
The will to destroy our lives
A powerful force to make us green

And the saddest thing is
It’s a political will not a populous will

Trees have been cut down for centuries
But now we plant one for one
And many for one
Animals and birds move away from cities, that’s ok
They find new lives
Change is in the wind
And change itself will be green

Only the strong ever survive

We know what we have to do to save the world
We only have to live and die
Politicians have to justify