What just happened to Australia?

Old values – my friend said quite disgusted
Over a frothy at the bar
Why are today’s men and women so foul tongued?
I know not of a reasonable answer
Nor a reasonable cure
He pined
I pondered and thought your right old chap
Can we not use the English language as taught?
Could it be a drop in standards perchance?
Morals gone by the wayside
The old ways not respected anymore
Set by decent and upstanding parents
When as children we referred to adults as Mr and Mrs
Are women standing up for their rights anymore?
He said
It appears not to be obvious
They are accepting mediocrity in public places
Whilst their man cares little for what he hears everyday
Yes he decried chivalry is definitely dead
Men and women cannot defend each other in public anymore
They cannot ask the perpetrators of foul language to desist
It’s just all too hard and dangerous
Maybe a one punch assault………excuse me
What happened to decency?
What happened to respect?
What happened to love thy neighbour?
What happened to putting on your Sunday best?
What happened to I love you mum
What happened to I love you dad
What happened to common decency?
Well…my mate and I drank a few more frothy’s
And decided we were non the wiser
Then a Muslim walked in with a burqua on
So we had a cup of tea so as not to offend
Then we both immediately realised
What has happened to Australia?

We have given in

Copyright Paolo2018-05-22

Let me say goodbye God


Who ever they are
Must find me dead
My fabulous passing maybe

Hope they do not find me compromised

Where will I die and how
It’s a guaranteed mystery of my life

So I am peeved that I have lived so long in life
But know so little of my pending death

I know my past to a degree
But hey that’s called life
I want to know about death

Some sort of understanding would be wonderful
Or bothersome at best

So if there is a god why did he fail to allow
An understanding of my own death

Never let me say goodbye to you all

Copyright Paolo2017-10-20

God I’m giving up on you


You took my parents away from me
My siblings had no clue
Just a boy lost in misery and hatred
In a boys home all because of you

Are you not the man they taught me?
Who would guide me through?
That stage in life that maketh the man
Where the hell were you?

My kids now suffer for
I know not much of love
All those years I defended you
That Supreme Being from above

Why did you allow that I should grow?
As a young child all alone
When no one even visited me
In a rotten Government home

I never learned to be a Dad
Floundered through and through
Hit the grog and gambled
All because of you

Now I am old and gone
The church and god may be true
But neither ever helped me
God, I’m giving up on you.


Nursing Home Blues

Staring out of my Nursing home window
Only one pane of glass separates me from dementia
There are no garden views only others
Old like me unfree
My last visitor was the doctor
The family seem to have deserted me
Six children eight grandchildren and I
have parted ways
It will be so good to die
just so I can see old friends again that left before me
The ones still here may as well be dead
as like the dead I have seen nought for years
life could not be sadder

Watching and waiting

Did you not think I would get old one day
And worry

I might pass away

With out your knowledge
Or presence

Did you not stop and ponder old age
Will win every time

It’s like I’m driving out of view
After such a long drive
Travelling with you
I am no longer in your mirror
I’ve passed you for Gods queue

The ride has been enjoyable
At times great
The best that I could do
I am sorry for all the wrong turns
Taken by me
To enjoy a different view

My love has never wavered
For you
Any of you

I brought you all into this world


You will take me out in time
Whilst a small crowd is
Watching and I am waiting

It’s Another world now

I may have to leave my own world

For it will not last

Another world beckons

I am far too opinionated

Old idealism

A crazy belief we would all be okay


Safe from lunatics

Australia reborn

They have arrived

In droves

They come

The dangerous foreigners

The do gooders

The fuckwit greens

A labour party with no clue about stopping invaders

We now welcome them

With money and aid

They sue us in our own courts


They promise us they will kill

They insist they will destroy the Western infidels

They live in Sydney

They live in Melbourne

Our government knows

Where they are

Who they are

They will do nothing

It’s another world now



Copyright Paolo 2015-05-28

When no one wants you

You’re only a kid a small child


You do not even know why you are crying

Or why you are at the big gates


There is some yelling

But it is you

No one is listening


A car drives away


Someone unqualified decided your worth


Gave you up

My Mum did

My Dad did

My siblings did


My world is still bitter

I see it every day

Most still avoid me


I will always be a loner


It’s my children who suffer



I do not know love


Copyright Paolo 2015-05-28


A Cancer Cured

Try as we might we are lost

All of us

In an argument going nowhere

The colour of our skin a silent war for some

My skin is white

Yours may be black brindle even yellow or red

I am Australian

You can be what you choose somewhere else

Preferably not here

I look at other colours and don’t care

Hmmm see what I mean I am racist

Because I don’t care it’s an Aussie thing

I would hug you if you wanted me to!

I could turn my head and pretend you aren’t here

If you wanted me to

I could love you forever if you had a beautiful soul

Your colour would fear me not

If you could just be Australian


Have a go mate

Then I am home again and so are you

We are all safe

Come on brother

Let’s make racism go nowhere

It could be the first cancer we cure

I’m That Old Guy

I’m the guy who parents do not trust
The one that would help a child who has fallen
A kid in danger
A child who is short five cents at the lolly shop
A child that just wanted a hug or a chat
Some kids like old men’s stories
They learn from listening to old men like me
I am not a sinister man I am just what I should be
An old man with a story
Who helps any kid?
I am not perverted like the do gooders say
Because I spoke to their child miserably wrapped in cotton wool
I am not a paedophile
I am not a risk
I’m that old guy who must leave a child in trouble
Because some idiot says that’s the wisest thing
Pigs Arse
I will aid any kid anytime
That’s what real men do


I can see beyond the eyes in that girl
Piercing blue
A stare enough to stop me at times
I oft wonder what it means
Love perhaps only admiration surely not fear
Dreams are real in my head that this girl loves
Speaks little of it
Has no courage to face her wants
I am happy with the standoff her world is not mine
My world would surely change her dreams
Of me