What just happened to Australia?

Old values – my friend said quite disgusted
Over a frothy at the bar
Why are today’s men and women so foul tongued?
I know not of a reasonable answer
Nor a reasonable cure
He pined
I pondered and thought your right old chap
Can we not use the English language as taught?
Could it be a drop in standards perchance?
Morals gone by the wayside
The old ways not respected anymore
Set by decent and upstanding parents
When as children we referred to adults as Mr and Mrs
Are women standing up for their rights anymore?
He said
It appears not to be obvious
They are accepting mediocrity in public places
Whilst their man cares little for what he hears everyday
Yes he decried chivalry is definitely dead
Men and women cannot defend each other in public anymore
They cannot ask the perpetrators of foul language to desist
It’s just all too hard and dangerous
Maybe a one punch assault………excuse me
What happened to decency?
What happened to respect?
What happened to love thy neighbour?
What happened to putting on your Sunday best?
What happened to I love you mum
What happened to I love you dad
What happened to common decency?
Well…my mate and I drank a few more frothy’s
And decided we were non the wiser
Then a Muslim walked in with a burqua on
So we had a cup of tea so as not to offend
Then we both immediately realised
What has happened to Australia?

We have given in

Copyright Paolo2018-05-22