A Cancer Cured

Try as we might we are lost

All of us

In an argument going nowhere

The colour of our skin a silent war for some

My skin is white

Yours may be black brindle even yellow or red

I am Australian

You can be what you choose somewhere else

Preferably not here

I look at other colours and don’t care

Hmmm see what I mean I am racist

Because I don’t care it’s an Aussie thing

I would hug you if you wanted me to!

I could turn my head and pretend you aren’t here

If you wanted me to

I could love you forever if you had a beautiful soul

Your colour would fear me not

If you could just be Australian


Have a go mate

Then I am home again and so are you

We are all safe

Come on brother

Let’s make racism go nowhere

It could be the first cancer we cure