Black Skin

Black Skin
More obvious than other skins
It seems
Some one says “He’s Black” “She’s Black”
Yet white goes unnoticed

One hundred whites in a bar
Notice black

One hundred blacks in a bar
And white blends well

Nothing said

Pretty black girl
Pretty black boy
Whites love the fantasy

Or the racism

Pretty black man
White men are threatened

Pretty black girls
White man is an “ass”

As Usual

6 thoughts on “Black Skin

  1. well white people are so racism that you cant even walk in to a shop with at them staring at you all the time but do you see them staring at white people when they walk in to a shop no they think black people are going to steal from there

  2. well it doesnt really care what colour skin you have your all the same so if your white or black and so on your still the same

  3. but alot are……..see its in my history of white people taking children away so they dont know their parents, their totem or even where they come from….

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