Where Did My Mum Go

I sat by a big iron gate
Waiting for my Mum to come back

And black kids like me beckoned
Are you coming in?

I laughed then asked if they knew where my Mum had gone
You are one of us they said
Come on in

We are all waiting for our Mum’s to come back

36 thoughts on “Where Did My Mum Go

  1. I Love this peom because it seems like when people Mum’s go away. Everyone needs a Mum to help them though tough times.
    Wyatt Revell-Cook
    9 years-old

  2. hi, i was wondering if i could have permission to reproduce this poem in part of my school studies.

  3. wow, that was really touching and deep in meaning. i just wanted to know the poets’ name for a school assignment.

  4. I think its beautiful! i was also wondering who the auther was because im gonna be reading a poem to my class and i choose this one its so touching

  5. omg i love dis poem
    my life is like dis 2
    but its my dad dat left

    im so inspired dat im gonna use dis 4 my assignment

  6. This Poem is very touching, Im in year 10 and I’m doing a drama on The Stolen Generations. As Im studing this Im crying through it all. I know what it ia like to have no Mum and I know I will never see her again, but that’s what Heaven is for.
    Love Amy Mary Ryan

  7. Heyy, just like to say that this poem is very inspriational and touching, my mums aunty was appart of the stolen generation and wrote a book on it. i have not read it yet tho.

  8. I also need this poem for an yr 8 assignment is this okai if I use it ( ovioisly I will say written from this sight 🙂 thanx ohh and good poem

  9. Could you please give me some information on
    -what inspired you to write this poem
    -you life in brief

    Could you please design a website with information regarding you life as some of the websites show incorrect info and designing a website may clear it

  10. I need the name of the poet because I will use this poem for an assignment at school
    Thanks 🙂

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