I’m Not Close

It’s time to reveal in my late years
I struggle
I’m not close

I try and make a life
I try to be a Dad
And a husband

A step dad
A friend to anyone
As long as I can speak my mind

I struggle

I am a wanton loner
In my heart
I’ve been a winner
A loser
A fool
A clever bastard
A dumb bastard at times

But I’m proud
And that seems to get me through
I’m decent
And that helps
But I’m really sad most days
About my world
Our world
And the disasters ahead

Kids rule
Dogs rule
And wives need to be free
Governments piss me off
And family is a burden of love
Work keeps me financial but travel is in my heart

I’ll try until the end of my time
Which is an unknown?
I’ll love those who love me
And care little of those who don’t

But I struggle, I’m not close

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Close

  1. There was an understanzing to this first time round when it unexpectedly came to me, aroha appreciates the re-reading now…. .au

  2. this poem is deadly
    remember what ever life throws at you we are black and black is strong so don’t be hard on yourself ok

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