The Dogs Are Barking

Enough is enough

The dogs are barking

In a dangerous world

We are beholden to
Asylum seekers
Do gooders
Rampant teenagers

Gutless government rules us

The dogs are barking big time

In the streets
In our homes
In the Police force
In the ordinary man
In Australia
In the world

Someone needs to lead us
Back to old fashion values

Time is running out
The dogs are barking loud
Decency and respect must again prevail

In a sick sick world

2 thoughts on “The Dogs Are Barking

  1. Paul, not one word could describe this poem… so hear are a few: absoluteness, actuality, authenticity, bottom line, brass tacks, certainty, concreteness, entity, existence, genuineness, how things are, like it is, materiality, matter, name of the game, nuts and bolts, palpability, perceptibility, presence, real world, realism, realness, sensibility, solidity, substance, substantiality, substantive, tangibility, truth, validity, verisimilitude, verity, way of it, what’s what.

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