God and the Catholic Church

A God and a Church
Are you sure dream believers
A Billion Dollar Corporation
Fear mongerers about Hell and Purgatory
All based on a fucking book
An Old Testament
Where is the proof
Where the hell is Jesus?
The Catholics continue
To prostitute this world
Whilst priests rape children
And Jesus still hides
Real estate owners richer than fort Knox
Supposedly to help the poor and down trodden
The special angels
The saints
Those who live their life well
A passage to heaven
All to save the world and the good people
Good on you God
You missed my wife
You are a fraud along with your church
Lies more lies
There are no bloody signs in my life
A God will ever bring my angel back
She died
A tragic loss to my world
A huge loss in her world
Where is he now
Where was he when my angel was in trouble?
Has he brought your loved ones back to you?
If there is a God he took my angel
He took a person of quality
And value to all others
He took a friend
Worst of all he gave nothing
In return
Catholic frauds
He took my angel he promised everything
In my young life I believed
His disciples conned me but now I am free at last
I am a Non-believer