Seventh Heaven

Our hats go off to Gondwana Land,
For it may just prove our point,
That New Zealand was part of Australia,
And the seventh state we anoint.

Now don’t deny it our good friends,
You broke from New South Wales,
It might have been eighty million years ago,
But our memory never fails.

So along with our great dairy cows,
You also got some sheep,
You’re feeding them all, on lush green grass,
And in drought, we put ours to sleep.

And what about our fish you took,
We really need placation,
Because what you call bait over there,
Would almost feed our nation.

Do you remember our long white clouds?
That once hovered above our plains,
They made sure we averted droughts,
And they dropped the winter rains.

Yeah! Then you nicked our all blacks,
And Phar Lap our thoroughbred,
So we had to invent the wallabies,
And race our fastest donkeys instead.

See we really have a dilemma,
Cause we miss you all so much,
You are now a land of champions,
And we’re just out of touch.

So come on home you wonderful kiwi’s,
There’ll be a minimum of fuss,
That seventh state of Australia,
Will again be part of us?