She’s my Fancy

Oh! My god, what wonderful thighs,
And legs that make you drool,
Long black hair, that shines all day,
And your rear is just so cool.

And you love me without question,
No matter what I do,
You run after me every day
My bad habits don’t bother you.

With your skin so silky smooth,
You just blow away my mind,
Another female of your ilk,
A man could never find.

You walk all day naked,
And you do it just for me,
I spend hour upon glorious hour,
Just as happy as could be.

I even let all my friends,
Constantly stand and stare,
At one of the greatest bodies,
They’ll ever see anywhere.

And they all insist on thanking me,
Because I gave each of them a look,
Then they ask would I really mind,
If your name went in their book.

I would really love to ride her,
This little weedy bloke, piped up,
And I said, mate if you’re the lucky jockey,
You can ride her in the cup.

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