Remember your sadness in those times
And you loved my father Old Joe did you not
That was your first mistake
He was a confused man
You fell after just one dance
A Birdman of fame and great knowledge
Should have stayed a birdman forever
And never attended your dance
His first love his only love was the aviary
He travelled Australia
He was a freedom child
With eleven children in those days
Just like a koala
Just like a wombat
Just like a goanna
Just like a rosella
Just like a goldfinch
Just like the need to run
Old Joe had to run free
A great European kid trying to find his way
Not the marrying kind but he didn’t know
His own fears
Mother made him lonely at times
And he pondered the truth
But I am sure he tried
Then the truth came out
What about Robert the oldest one
What about Michael
And the incarceration of young Paul
You took a risk Rhonda