Kumanka (Part1)

I could never see a tomorrow
From behind those old Kamanka walls
My family seemed a distant memory
But I knew a kid needed to have balls

A twelve year old without family
A nearby brother or a mate
Lost in a system of government control
Donated like a prize, a ward of the State

Mother I cried night after night
What is it I have done?
At only twelve years of age
Why desert this son

And four years have now passed
The walls of Kamanka are still the same
My family has gone forever
It seems that I am to blame

A Sister said you stole a bike
And embarrassed your Mum and Dad
So they put you away you demon
For five years of your young life, how sad

Could it really have been?
Those times were kind of rough
With money being so scarce in trapping
Old Joe found provisions tough

They turned up in the children’s court
The day my sentence went down
And Mum and dad both agreed
He’d be better off accommodated by the Crown

My worst memory of life is clear
When I became a crown possession that day
Mum and Dad just turned their heads
And both parents I loved walked away