Old Morton’s Pram

Old Morton’s pram was our saviour
We door knocked til’ dark
And filled the old pram with bottles
A halfpenny each was our lark

And old Mrs Williams, well
She just loved a drink
Sometimes she filled that pram
Before you could even blink

And handy as a garden tool
Just up the road
Happened to live this bottle’o
Who always bought our load?

And Old Joe never said much
When we turned up with a bob
Cos we explained how old Morton’s pram
Helped us do the job

All the neighbourhood drunks
Didn’t give a damn
As long as when we called
We had Old Morton’s pram

Take away the evidence boys
They would say with glee
And just be sure you tell no one
You got these bottles from me

In our youth we made lot’s of dough
And many times on the lam
But success was always guaranteed
If you borrowed Old Morton’s pram