Because I’m Black

Is it that I am just interesting to you?
Or would it happen to be my colour
That is turning your eyes my way
I am different you know, I’m black
Would you like to speak to me or do you find that impossible
Considering what it means to you to be seen doing so
I’ve always walked this land you know, yes right here
My family lived in this supermarket mall
When it was a dirt place for one thousand years at least
And the wind whistled like your security alarms
And the smell of the food court was our shellfish in coals
The spruikers remind me of a corroboree
Except my elders were selling the dreamtime
And we danced like beautiful animals
Will you walk past me again and have another think
About my heritage
Do not hate me because I am black or because I am in your shopping centre
Love me because I am as proud as can be that I still walk with my ancestors
On my land

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  1. dat was dardy as!!! i am goin to use 4 my english assignment. i think the exact same thing

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