Oh Ned

Christ! Ned the more I think
The madder I get
I think you committed suicide
Australia’s first Martyr
You knew of the rope
If the bullets missed
A subliminal message to the Governor
The chief of Constables
That you would never conform
Yet you were their intellectual equal
You could have been a Lalor old son
Your concerns or lack thereof
Of the value of a life
Were poor it seems
You were the only Kelly to lose his life
In your own war
Why Ned?
Where were the soldiers
Who was the enemy?
Ned they didn’t exist
Ya’ Ma lived
She needed only you
Not a war
She needed a Son
All ya’ brothers and sisters lived
Except Dan
A victim of his own hand
So what were you thinking?
Was it personal Ned?
Was it Kennedy?
You wanted to get at those with rank
Was it your sister’s amorous connection?
To a certain Constable,
Would he expose himself?
To a killers lair Ned
Not without love for your sister
It was a poor decision Ned
To kill
And most of us ask
Of the man’s ability behind your mask