It’s Tough

Do you think it’s tough right now?
For me and the dog

Mum’s gone
It’s bloody tough
The dog searches like a sniffer dog
For any trace of his missing friend

Like me
He lives in hope
A big white car will come
The nightmare will be over

A family will be restored
A dog will be happy
A husband will believe at last
There is a God

A heaven

Miracles do exist

Rather than this hell on earth

2 thoughts on “It’s Tough

  1. Paul, I have just read some of your poems, they are beautiful.

    I understand how tough things have been for you but it will get easier I am sure.

    Nerine would want you to still be happy and live your life for both of you, you fulfilling yours and her dreams.

    I am sure one day you will be together again looking back on life as it was, and I am sure she is watching over you now and giving you the strength you need.

    Remember in a time of need, just to talk or have a laugh good friends and neighbours will always be there to help you.

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