A Band of Brothers Part 2

A’Fore the disappointment,
Grief yielded not a brother,
Joy unto Robert Milton,
Enigma, shower’ thee mother.

Vietnam Veteran an enemy of truth,
Cans’t not hide a heart that’s down,
Big brother title usurped,
Move forward Robert Milton, take thy crown.

Fortress on thy Mudgeerabah hill,
What, the enemy cover blown,
No doubt be it a skilled author,
As Robert Milton has shown.

And God give thee a chance,
To judge more skilled than he,
That Paolo, Robert Milton and Michael,
Are not the brothers three.

Revel in Elizabeth’s love,
Shy not from her need,
As age ply’s it’s generosity,
Older Siblings forgive, others simply bleed.

Cast aside our bleeding hearts,
Sweet loves’ and foreign belief,
To teach such ill, saddens me,
Like mother you spread thy’ grief.

So brick up the glasshouse,
And defend the Northern hill,
Paolo, Robert Milton and Michael,
Are a band of brothers still.

Copyright 2002