A Band of Brothers part 1

Brothers are we not,
Peter, Paul and Dazza,
Whatsoever the great ones,
I have spoke it.

Phillip shall fall like Caesar,
Thou mis-taken lad,
For good youth, he went,
Tis, nobler, good marriage and glad.

And all the men of Joseph,
Ratbags all, a blessed plot,
Bohemia, sad stories,
But, regret not, we are a band of brothers.

Speak again oh! David,
Robert never did run smooth,
Victim of fate old Bro,
But yonder window opens.

Why would’st thou not?
Be it affairs of us men,
Form a band of brothers,
And start thy lives again.

Michael, oh! Michael, we calleth,
What doth your silence bring?
Fix’d thy band of brothers,
I bid thee do sing.

Sleep no more thy brothers,
Nor congratulate old age,
A Brother has gone missing,
Missing chapter and a page.

Michael shall live this day,
Free from all the others,
Is it not in his stars?
To join his band of Brothers.