Nerine My Love (My true Valentine)

I’ll never forget your amazing strength
Your love at the drop of a hat
Your shoulder always ready to take my tears
And always the tears of others so freely

With the spirit of love and joy
Your encouragement to take on the world
Your motivation for the less fortunate

You endeared the hopeless
You saved me

Those who did not love did not meet you
Those who loved you

Told all
They had just met an angel

And now
You are the most missed person in my world
Your friends are crying still

I talk to you my love and of you to all who will listen
They too remember your angelic qualities

I am not the angel you were and god has no great need for me
As he did for you

I am ready my sweet girl whenever you call
That we can be together again

2 thoughts on “Nerine My Love (My true Valentine)

  1. You endeared the hopeless
    You saved me

    My goodness Paul, you must have had something terribly wrong with you. What did Nerine save you from?

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