For Nerine

For we shall live ever young,
Blow thou so called aging,
And with strongest hearts pumping,
Thou canst surely not be staging.
But when our sunset fadeth,
Thine friendship together we will miss,
Thou must hang on o’flower,
Or begone! The passion and the bliss.
If thou swear’st your love,
Then I do love thee too,
A govern’d death together,
The best that we can do.

Copyright Paolo 2001

One thought on “For Nerine

  1. Hey Dad,
    Thought I would write u a note…

    When my imagination runs away with me,
    it takes me off so far so fast my body is left behind,
    But that’s when i’m most my self,
    lost in wish and dream,
    Coming back I smile and think I’m more than I might seem.

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