History Wrote

Perfect Ceremony, Coroboree,
Beloved culture, Aborigine,
In Gondwana, land of the free,
Back then it used to be.

Perfect harmony, with the land,
Beloved walkabout, oh so grand,
Still Gondwana, desert sand,
Nomadic pleasure, nothing planned.

Perfect tribes, Elder led,
Beloved hunters, families fed,
In Gondwana, lack of dread,
Absent white man, happy bed.

Perfect life, all alone,
Beloved silence, free to roam,
Still Gondwana, lovely home,
Any troubles point the bone.

Perfect landing, white man boat,
Beloved sailor, history wrote,
In Gondwana, they did gloat,
As said, history wrote.

8 thoughts on “History Wrote

  1. this is no doubt, one of the best poems i have read…

    may i please have the name of the author for an english assignment?

  2. Hello,
    This poem is an amazing depiction of the way the Aborigines were before the Europeans arrives.
    May I please have the author?
    From Millie

  3. Hello,

    I was just wondering if I could have the Author’s name and permission to use this poem in an English Assignment.


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