For Nerine part 2

So much do I love you
My sweetest wife
That a poem is impossible
To describe our life

Everyone has written
The words I would choose
That tell you I love you
And when I’ve got the blues

You know all the love songs
That for you I would sing
To make you feel happy
So what do I bring

What if I simply
Just be there for you
And forever be honest
With a heart so true

And what if I wake with you
Every single day that I can
To reinforce our love
Our original plan

And I apologise my love,
That these words may seem plain,
But I love you so much,
Can we marry again.

2 thoughts on “For Nerine part 2

  1. Brilliant – love it! Please email me Mr Buttigieg as we’d really like to include this, if you’ll kindly consent, in our 25th Wedding Anniversary.

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