Back then

Gondwanaland I was there,
My footprints etched in time,
Blackman, happy man,
A blissful life in rhyme.

Simple life, hunter’s life,
Wide brown land ahead,
Any direction I could go,
No white man, happy bed.

Food and water a plenty,
All Eco systems alive,
Everyone a gatherer,
At the early age of five,

Coroboree tribal life,
Much better than today,
Living on the bottle.
That white man passed my way.

3 thoughts on “Back then

  1. Thank you for your beautiful poem that so eloquently describes one aboriginal experience.

  2. Hi im aboriginal myself! this is a GREAT poem and I would love to use it for my assignment at school.May I ask, who wrote this peom? If you could please get back to me A.S.A.P that’d be fantastic!! ta

  3. Hey I’m using this poem for an English Assignment because I really appreciate it. (I used a poem from this website a bit oer a year ago) And I was wondering if I could get some background information on Paul Buttigieg because it would be very useful considering there’s nothing in google on him.

    Thanks in advance =]

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