Old Betty’s Worst Nightmare

Have you got clean undies on?
She would ask in a funny way,
And I would have to remind her,
That I wore them yesterday.

What if you get run over?
What will people think?
I’ll be the talk of the neighbourhood,
You’ll cause a flamin’ stink.

Actually mum I’ve yesterday’s on,
Cause’ I only have two pair,
So I juggle with me brothers,
But they’re not too keen to share.

So Wednesday I wear Mondays,
And Tuesday I wear none,
That’s the best day of the week,
The girls all have some fun.

And Old Betty said you’re wicked,
An embarrassment to me,
To go to school without y – fronts,
For all the girls to see.

Mum, we’ve got thirteen kids,
I reminded Old Betty too often,
But your attitude on my undies,
Surely you could soften.

I don’t have any income Ma,
I wear only what you give,
So if I happen to get run over today,
Your embarrassed, but you live.

Don’t, Worry about me though,
I could be killed,
As long as I had clean undies on,
I’m sure that you’d be thrilled.