My Shy Friend

At primary school he loved a girl,
But he never spoke one word,
That would give her any inkling,
Of this romantic nerd.

He followed her to high school,
And yet again too shy,
He let the woman that he loved,
Simply pass him by.

Off to Melbourne University,
He was just one room up the hall,
But he was still too scared to tell her,
Of his love, for fear he’d fall.

At the Graduation ceremony,
He thought she passed a glance,
Now would he tell her of his love,
No, again he missed his chance.

She went on and married,
And he still wonders why,
That he never told her of his love,
Because he was way too shy.

2 thoughts on “My Shy Friend

  1. oh my goodness,this sound like a lot of people that i know including myself because i could never tell someone that ilove them.

  2. Oh yes I remember this one, the guy involved was a friend of mine many many years ago. He just could not pluck up the courage to tell this girl what he thought. Funny enough he ran into her many years later and she told him she liked him and said things may have been different if only he had asked.
    She is still happily married and my mate has been divorced twice………not sure what that says?

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