Jiggys Place

If you’ve ever been to Jiggys place you will know what I mean
Four little billy lids who just have to be seen
There’s stuff from pillar to post cleverly fitting wall to wall
Toys piled sixteen high for the kids to have a ball
There’s a motorbike a boat and cars up the lane
Thank bloody god Jiggy doesn’t own a plane
And Mrs jiggy is kept busy doing this and that
You’d have to think her days are numbered wearing the chequered hat
There’s facebook on the PC screen and Ice Age on the telly
Jiggys in the kitchen planning something for the belly
There’s some shrapnel near the BBQ where conversation used to be
Replaced ever so subtly with dead cans of green VB
And all the noise in the world coming from screaming billy lids
Would never put a damper on Jiggy for he’s the king of kids
So if you want to help babysit eat tucker and get off your face
Just head out to Greensborough way and stop at Jiggys place