Those bloody fish (1971)

Those fish they are cunning,
They’re never where I angle,
All day long upon this bank,
A flamin’ worm I dangle.

Change the bait light up a smoke,
Oh, what’s the bloody use?
The longer and longer I sit here,
I’m just takin’ more abuse.

I ponder the use of dynamite,
To help my desperate whim,
One or two sticks is all it needs,
None of them will swim.

If I dip my worms in whiskey,
Ah’ what the heck,
Perhaps it’ll give them strength,
To grab the fish by the neck.

How long can I go on?
Before I catch a fish,
On the river bank with nothing,
But an empty bloody dish.

4 thoughts on “Those bloody fish (1971)

  1. aye, how U doin??
    great poem, i like it….i like it alot….
    it sounds funny wen u read it in accents, like we were just doin….pretty dam funny
    we mite choose this for a english poem thing we hav to do so check yas on the flip flop l8r d8r….peace out!!!

  2. Wanted to use some of your poems with a year 9 english class. How do i go about asking nicely for your permission?

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