The Budgie Ron

The Budge is green and ugly,
Banged his head in flight,
Caused a big lump to form there,
Not a pretty sight.

Flits around the house all day,
In fact he flits and shits,
Does’nt have a purpose much,
But we all love the bugger to bits.

He’s the craziest bird for sure,
Certainly no Australian icon,
Just a little green budgerigar,
That’s the Budgie we named Ron.

Tried to train him to say a word,
Well you would’nt want to know,
When the Budgie tries to speak now,
He sounds more like a crow.

Out in the back yard,
In the security of his cage,
He spruiks all sorts of bird lingo,
And gets the blackbirds in a rage.

Budgie Ron is poor of manners,
But we think that’s swell,
Cause he’s typically mad ya’ see,
And fits in here,quite well.