Moby Dick

I’ve packed me rods and got the bait,
Now I’m out of here,
I’m goin’ fishin’ somewhere quiet,
With me comfy chair and beer.

I’m on the river Murray,
VB in me hand,
The rods are dangling over the bank,
Lord! I’m feelin grand.

Then suddenly whammo!,
The big rod’s gone mad,
I’ve hooked a bloody pearler,
Can’t wait to tell me dad.

Up and down the bank I go,
There’s a crowd all cheerin’ me on,
So I play it like a champion,
As though it weighs a tonne,

There it is, some one cried,
And the mighty tail splashed,
Water over everyone,
as it leapt and bloody crashed.

Now soon we had the camera’s,
Newspapermen and TV.
One thousand Journalists and spectators,
Here just for me.

Hours went by as I tried to hang on,
To a fish that stressed the line,
Now everyone was screamin’ at me,
Come on, hold on, you’ll be fine.

Then just when I thought I had im’,
The flamin’ line gave way.
As Moby Dick slipped my noose,
And the crowd all faded away.