Me and Santa

Hey! how ya’ goin’ Santa Clause,
Gee your a real good bloke,
Come in and crack a coldie,
Sit down and ave’ a smoke.

Gee! those reindeer on the roof,
Sure make a lot of noise,
I bet they sound really beaut,
To all the girls and boys.

What brings ya’ to my house,
Is it the VB I leave each year,
Or do ya’ just wanna’ get pissed with me,
And smile from ear to ear.

Oi! you can confide in me,
I ain’t tellin a sole,
Bout all the bloody grog we drink,
Each darts night at the pole.

That xmas day’s a bummer though,
Cause you’re never bloody home,
And me and the boys are short one,
For the darts game while you roam.