Kim Jong Un

I hate you bastards in the west
Donald Trump you’re just a pest
So I have built some rockets that I will test
And show you all who’s the best

I’m Kim Jong Un and mad as hell
Pissed off with everyone can’t you tell
And all your sanctions are just swell
Cos then you bastards have nothing to sell

Angry as I am today
I think I might just blow you away
My hydrogen bomb is working I say
Look out your window it’s on its way

Call me a fuckwit say what you will
A madman a tyrant a flamin’dill
When I win the war with China’s will
There will be nothing left and no one to kill

Yes I’m Kim Jong Un with a beautiful plan
To control the world because I can
With a haircut to die for what a man
Owner of the free world the west once ran



Copyright Paolo2017-09-06