A Stolen Freddo

Aboriginal twelve years of age
With freddo
Policeman of adult age with Freddie
And it’s a standoff

Receiving stolen chocolates boy is a crime
You have shown evil intent
Never mind the drug runners
The murderers
The rapists
You are a lolly thief a serious criminal lad

Government money is well spent ridding the world of your type
Fancy the world should run out of choccy frogs

You are black and guilty
As usual

You guessed it you made the news for this heinous crime

You received a stolen chocolate frog
You endangered the supply
To all kids

But worse than that you are a black kid
No right to be human
No right to steal lollies like the white kids

Twenty years or death row
It depends

Was freddo recovered or did you eat it

Say goodbye to your liberty boy
You have shown evil intent
Murderers will walk
Rapists will do it again
Drug runners will thrive

You are in serious trouble

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  1. heey 🙂 just wondering if you could write a poem about the stolen generation for my assignment …?

    please 😀

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