Just a Wink Will Do

Cross my path in any town
Down any street
My black skin will attract you
I’m sure

Do not walk wide of me
Do not cross the street
Pass me with a smile or a hello
Give me a nod

If all hell breaks loose in your mind
And you become unsure
Then remember my friend

Like you I am human
And as black as I am

Just a wink will do

2 thoughts on “Just a Wink Will Do

  1. hey i like the poem ‘just a wink will do’ you write very good poems i like them a lot. thank you for sharing them

  2. Hi. This is a really great beautiful piece.
    Is it ok if I use it in my Assessment?
    I’ll include a small section about the author and their inspiration as well, so any extra information would be great 🙂

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