I woke today and nothing
Changed the fact I am Aboriginal
So I made a coffee
One that would last a while
A long black
And I went with measurable anticipation
To the employment section of my paper
A daily ritual it seems
A to Z
Accountant to Zookeeper
Nothing Aboriginal came up
All those pages
Black and white
Oh! the pun
I was looking for an interpreter’s job
You know
Where I talk to an Elder from a bush tribe
Who knows little of the English Language?
This old hunter gatherer
Who can gasp in all languages?
After I have explained
Your excuse for a nuclear waste site
A dump, dumped
On his land, in his peoples backyard
And I will continue to seek this role
Whilst you may consider that as an aboriginal
I should just keep dreaming

9 thoughts on “Woomera

  1. omg this is amazing i cant believe you though of something so good i am very very impressed
    you rock my socks

  2. hey may i please have the name of the author of his poem please. i would like to use it in a talk that i have in aboriginal studies..

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