White Blacks

Seventeenth century
Black Australia
Forty thousand years before
Island hoppers were White men
Seafarers in dugout canoes
New scenario
Cook is black
Banks is black
England is black
Europe is black
Americas are black
Aborigines are white
Happy still
To be left alone
No understanding of colour
And no need to know the difference
Australis a new nation of blacks
From the Old World
The world is black
But whites run free outback
In this unforgiving place
White natives
With kangaroos
And strange things
From Gondwanaland
They must be rounded up
An evil
Blight on the new world
Driven out of traditional lands
A white minority
That would be un- Australian

12 thoughts on “White Blacks

  1. this, paolo is one of the most truest and strongest poems i’v ever read and i thank you for that. it was truly inspiring. keep up the good work. an idea for your next poem could be about us as aboriginals and the ahivements we could have in the future. but hay your the poet. peace out brada. keep it real.

  2. I think it is a good poem. But all your poems are making it sound that all whites are bad. We can’t change what they did and yet we get blamed. You say don’t judge on colour, but in very poem you are. I think everyone and you need to open their minds to achevie peace. We know in the past white people did the wrong thing, but we weren’t the only ones.

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