Urban Aborigine

I’m lost in this place?
This concrete place
I am not without education
Or skills
Or intelligence
I am not without compassion
Or love
Fear and understanding
The desire to work
And the want to be liked by others
All I lack is white skin
And a fair chance

21 thoughts on “Urban Aborigine

  1. Hi, I am in grade 8 and in my english class we are studying aboriginal poetry. I love this topic and it has made me feel many feelings. Your poetry is my favourite. I really like your raw opinion on things. We have looked at this poem and ‘black face’ in class and i just wanted you to know that i really admire and respect you and your opinions. thankyou, georgia xo

  2. hello i was wondering if the poet Paul had an opinion on the poems he writes what do they mean to him the Aborgine poems if i could no as soon as possible becasue i am doing a project and i need to no what the poet thinks on his own aborigine poems

  3. Hi, I think this poem is fantastic. I am wanting to use this poem in the classroom, and was wondering if you could tell me the author’s name. Thankyou.

  4. hey i just wanted 2 say this is a good poem and it made me think about what the world has become today. We should all treat each other fairly and not be racist 2 other people wether they are black,white or brown.

  5. Hello, I would like to congragulate you on your poetry I am currently learning of the aboriginal culture at school and if it is ok with you would i be able to use this poem for an english assignment and also get the author 🙂 it would be greatly appreciated….your poetry is amazing and truly touches me in many emotional ways..


  6. Before posting comments like ‘what’s the author’s name’, read the whole document, all the way down to the bottom, and you’ll see the author is Paul Buttigieg (just below comment box).

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