The minute you heard the word
Your demeanour changed somewhat
You asked for a good man
I found you one
That was until you realised he was black
He can achieve I pleaded
As well as any man
And you tried to be so polite
As you rejected my plea
But I embarrassed you
When I took my friend away
Without explanation
Of your ignorance
And he thought no less of you
Because you are white

27 thoughts on “Aborigine

  1. i liked the poem alot but i need the name of the poet please i am doing an assignment and i want to research the poet!

  2. hi i was just wondering if i you could show more informations about yours self and your poetry. thank you

  3. Paolo’s Poems is the outpouring of verse and prose from Paul Buttigieg, an Australian published Poet worldwide and Member of the ISP., covering a myriad of personal topics.
    Many of Paolos poems are used in Student School Studies with the permission of the Author.

  4. hi i was just wondering if Paul Buttigieg was the writter of all the poems on this website.
    i think this is a beautiful poem and i hope to read more.


  5. Who is Paolo’s last name u have not given any description or biograghy of Paolo. Who is he? no visitor will no who he is! Please lots of poeple are interested and i love his work!

  6. could u plz have some information on each poet or a biography! we have search everywhere for a biography of the author of ‘Aborigine’ but nothing came up!

  7. just like everyone else I AM IN NEED OF THE AUTHOR!
    i have searched the site and if i dont find out the author i wont be able to finish a veryyyy big asignment THAT IS DUE TOMORROW!

    (also any information would be fantastic!)

  8. i may nt b Aboriginal…bt i knw wt it feels lyk 2 b h8ed n discriminated…the poem is wonderful coz it tels us abt the issues been faced by many Aboriginals….ppl consider me Aboriginal…bt they dnt knw wt if feels lyk 2 fight 4 sumtin…bt stil hv it taken away frm u…coz ur ‘nt the ryt colour’….

  9. i liked this poem…. i am an aboriginal and where im from racism…. so i can really relate to this…. all i hav to say is ieveryone is unique in their own way no matter wat their skin colour is and everyone can achieve in life if you give them a chance…. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES…..

  10. this peom is so true i am not aboriginal but i am sick and tiered of ppl in ma skool being so rasist for no reason i feel that we should all treat others as equals

    if any body is interrested in talking to me ma email is [email protected] i would love to talk to u all

  11. samantha. you should be proud of who you are and if they tease you again call me up and i will take care of them. Now getting to the poem, it has a nice structure and i personally give compliments to the writer of this poem for making such an excellent effort and although this poem looks very racist, it indeed is not as it first looks to the naked eye so that is a complete wrap up of the poem thank you paulo for giving me this opportunity to talk about the beauty of poems like this one that reflects upon the community of aboriginal people.

  12. Hi Paolo
    I´m a Greenlandic woman and I´m writing about Aboriginals in my major assignment. This summer i´m going to be educated as a teacher. If I could have the authors name I would be delighted.

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