Our Black Princess Lost

She turned fourteen only today
Impressive as she is
On a Whiteman’s catwalk
We have lost our child
Our only child
Somewhere she walks with them fella’s
Them real big fella’s
In New York
Somewhere we have lost a child to the new world
Money and power
To drugs
To stardom for fifteen minutes
Whilst her culture dies

2 thoughts on “Our Black Princess Lost

  1. Hi paul. I’ve just started teaching Year 7 English and have decided to study Sally’s Story by Sally Morgan so the students can gain some understanding about Aboriginal Issues. I was wondering if you would mind if we studied some of your poems. I feel the students would benefit from reading these poems and develop a new appreciation of an Aboriginal persons inner thoughts and feelings.

  2. may i please use this in my school assignment as well as black land whitemans land? please it would mean the world to me

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