Black Land Whiteman’s Land

We gave you everything?

Racial abuse
Half casts
Stolen children
Broken families

You gave us all we could take


Are you not our wealth givers?
Everywhere a black footprint
Everywhere a block in Toorak
Everywhere a white millionaire
On black land

7 thoughts on “Black Land Whiteman’s Land

  1. whats with all the racism?? why cant we people think in a positive way!! yeah i no that they took our land but we should be able to forgive and forget whats in the past and look towards a positive future and providing the kids with healthy attitudes towards one another!! all this negative way of thinking has got us kids hating eachother for something that we cant fix as it has all ready done!! cant we just stop the hatred and get along!! year 11 and 12 murri students

  2. In rely to the comment above me from ”Shauna Mayfield and Mariah Johnson”:

    I understand your point of view and where you are coming from towards this poem. I do not think that the author of this poem is intentionally trying to offend the whites. This poem is actual TRUE statements. The whites did bring diseases into our country, take away children, undergo racial abuse and took away all of the rights of the Aboriginal people. So why should us as Aboriginal people forget the past when it has such a great impact on the indigenous culture and the personal identity of every indigenous member in the world today.

    We can say that we forgive the whites for what they did and majority of us do. But we will never forget what they did, and we must never stop teaching our young youth of what happen and how it affect our culture, our family and our identity.


  3. I agreewith Shaun and Mariah. Although I’m white, I think both sides of this argument need to be able to forgive and forget. Because remembering and passing down memories of wrong doing only generate more resentment and hate; I’m sorry for the things that happened in the past, but everyone is trying to fix that in the present.

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